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Most recent update: October 4, 2016 (Previously modified on: December 19, 2015, June 30, 2013; Created June 23, 2008)

Effective September 30, 2016, Rutgers University Libraries are licensed to provide download access to EndNote for all Rutgers students, faculty, and staff. Rutgers users can download EndNote at http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/EndNote either within or outside the Rutgers network using their NetID.

About this Blog:

Welcome to the Rutgers Users’ EndNote Blog. This blog was designed to help our patrons in the use of EndNote and provide updates and news about EndNote.

About EndNote:

EndNote is a bibliographic management tool, allowing users to collect and organize references from databases and other sources, create a searchable personal database, find and cite these references while writing, and create bibliographies formatted in their style of choice. Starting with EndNote X7, users can share a library among 15 people.

EndNote has three plaftforms: EndNote desktop program with online access (EndNote desktop), a cloud-based version of EndNote with online access only (often known as  EndNote basic, EndNote online, or EndNote Web), and EndNote for iPad. Users can synchronize their EndNote library across desktop, iPad and online platforms.



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  1. I’m using Endnote X3 and i wanted to sort my bibliographies and multiple citations in the text and according to the help guidelines i should find “sort Order” under either citations or bibliographies to execute that but i just can not find “Sort Order” under those faint heading in the Word Endnote Tab. Is there anything i’m doing wrong?

    • Hi,
      Are you referring to sorting the references in a library or sorting the cited references in a paper or sorting a formatted bibliography in a word processor?
      If you want to sort your library in EndNote, go to the Tools menu –> then Sort Library…
      If you want to sort the cited references in your paper, I am not sure if you could sort them manually as they are controlled by the field codes and the order you cited them (not sure if I am correct).
      If you want to sort a formatted bibliography, you might as well have the references sorted first in EndNote before exporting them to a word processor. But then the order would be determined by the style you chose. I am really not sure how to answer your question. Please contact the EndNote Technical Support for help at 1-800-336-4474; at the prompt press 4, and then select the ”Research Software” option. –Yingting

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