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Updated June 30, 2013.

If you have any problem using EndNote or EndNote Basic, please contact the following EndNote instructors:

Or you may choose to contact EndNote Technical Support: 1-800-336-4474; at the prompt press 4, and then select the “Research Software” option.

If you have any question regarding this blog, please contact Yingting Zhang (732-235-7604)


10 Responses

  1. You guys are awesome. i have had trouble with a problem in endnote for WEEKS… I have tried the endnote support desk, my own schools support desk and finally resorted to a google search and forund your site. Your page:

    Is the only page I could find to answer my issue on the entire web. And it was easy to understand and follow. The IT librarians at my university often get little praise ( obviously they aren’t so awesome) but you guys might be the same so I just wanted to say thanks from an outsider, not at your school, but very greatful for your help. 🙂

  2. Thank you very much. I fixed the problem getting your instruction. I am grateful to you.

    Many many thanks.


  3. I wonder if you have instructions on how to sync between libraries created in EndNoteX5 and a library created in EndnoteX7 ?

    I have to use EndNoteX5 (for windows xp) at the University and I have installed the EndNoteX7 (Windows 7 home edition) on my computer.

    I will most grateful for your instructions.

    Many thanks

    • You may import your library created in EndNote X5 into the one created in EndNote X7 on our home computer. But I don’t think you can do it vice versa, i.e. you can’t convert your EndNote X7 library into an earlier version such as EndNote X5. You may contact EndNote Technical Support to confirm. My suggestion is to sync your EndNote X7 library with your EndNote Web. Hope this helps. –Yingting

  4. Hi, I am using EndNote X5 at my office and X6 at my laptop. I have replaced my End Note folders by simply copying and pasting the .enl and .data folders to the new place. I have deleted the original ones! when I open the .enl, I see the list of references, but it cannot open the attached PDFs. How can I link the two .enl and .data folders I have now? Can I build a new library by only using the PDF folder stored at .data?

    • First of all, I would not copy and paste the two components (.enl and .data folder). I would compress the library and save it in the new place. To compress the library, under the File menu, click on Compressed Library (.enlx)… . This way you will zip your library with the two components. The library will not be easily crashed. Now that it seems your library has already been crashed, you may want to try to recover your library (.enl) by going to the Tools menu in EndNote and choose to Recover Library…. Then open the recovered library and compress it. Another option is to save the PDFs in your .data folder into another folder and then import the new PDF folder into the library (.enl). I just tested and it was successful. Hope this helps. Good luck. –Yingting

  5. Hi, I’m using Endnote on my laptop. I got backhome for good after finishing master degree abroad. I would like to change the open URL path, authenticate with.. etc.. I need your guidance how to change the option since the window for open URL path etc did not show up anymore.

    Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Tirza,

      In EndNote, under the Edit menu, choose Preferences, then URLs & Links. You should be able to see the box for adding or changing the OpenURL path. Hope this helps. –Yingting

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