How to resolve the Word for Mac Error to enable CWYW?

May 22, 2015 – Yingting

Question: I am using MS Word 2011 for Mac (OS X10.9.5) to write my dissertation. I was able to cite before using EndNote X7.3, but now I can’t. Every time I try to cite a reference from my EndNote library, an error message occurs saying “Microsoft Word has encountered a problem and needs to close.” How to make it possible for me to cite again?

Answer: According to Microsoft support at, this can happen if:

  • Word preferences are corrupted.
  • The user account profile is corrupted.
  • Programs running in the background are interfering with Word for Mac.
  • Application files are corrupted.

In this case, very likely Word preferences are corrupted. To fix this problem, according to Jimmy from EndNote Technical Support, first you need to check if Visual Basic is functioning by following these steps:

  • Open a Word document, go to Tools ->Macros… Visual Basic editor.
  • If there is an error, Word needs to be reinstalled. If you get the Project window, then it is fine.

The next thing to check is to see if CWYW is added on. Follow the steps below to check this:

  • Open a Word document.
  • Under Word menu, choose “Preferences… ” (Note: if no document is open, Preferences will be grayed out.)
  • In Word Preferences, under Personal Settings, click on File Locations.
  • In the File locations window, click on Startup.
  • If it is blank in the path, then you need to navigate to the Applications.
  • In the Applications folder, locate Microsoft Office 2011, then go to Office -> Startup folder -> Word sub-folder ->EndNote CWYW 2011.bundle should be place in the path now.
  • Close word and then re-launch Word. Your CWYW add-on should be available now and you should be able to cite references.

How to Insert Images from EndNote to a Word Document?

February 7, 2013 – Yingting

Question: Is it possible to insert a figure from EndNote to a document in Word?

Answer: Yes, it is possible. Below are the steps for you to follow to insert images from your EndNote library to your manuscript in Word:

  • First of all, you need to create a Figure reference for the image by choosing New Reference under the Reference menu in EndNote, choosing Figure as reference type and filling out the appropriate fields in the record. Make sure the image is attached to the reference in the Figure field.
  • In Word, place the cursor where you would like to insert the image.
  • Click EndNote X6 tab in Word. Under the magnifying glass, click on the little down arrow below “Insert Citation”.
  • Click “Insert Figure”. At the popup window, find the figure reference you  created previously.
  • After selecting the Figure reference, click the Insert button.
  • “(Figure 1)” should appear where you would like to insert the image in Word. You may repeat the procedure to insert additional images / figures.
  • Whether the figures are placed after the paragraph where cited or in a list at the end of the Word document, it depends on what output style you chose. You may change the style at any time.

Hope this helps.

Can We Merge Documents Written by Multiple Authors with References Inserted from EndNote?

Updated December 30, 2014; Created August 3, 2012 – Yingting Zhang

Question: A faculty member is using EndNote for Mac.  She is writing an article with three others and wants to be able to merge all the manuscripts into one final document including their inserted references.  Can she do that?


Yes, she can merge the multiple manuscripts including their inserted citations by following the steps below:

  • Start with an originally formatted manuscript.
  • In EndNote, create a brand new EndNote Library with a unique name (not the same as any of the other libraries)
  • From Word, export Traveling Library to the brand new EndNote Library (see the blog post here for how to export traveling library:
  • Update Citations and Bibliography for the manuscript that you just exported traveling library from
  • Then repeat the process for all the other manuscripts. Make sure you update citation and bibliography for each one after their travelling libraries are exported into the above new EndNote library
  • Unformat each manuscript
  • Then combine all the manuscripts into one
  • Finally update the citations in the newly combined documents.

 Thanks to Miguel from Thomson Reuters Technical Support for his help.

May 1, 2012 – Yingting Zhang

Question: My paper in Word is no longer communicating properly with my EndNote library. Whenever I try to format the references or add new references, it says “Command failed”. How to fix this problem?

Answer: The document’s field code might be messed up causing miscommunication between the paper and the corresponding EndNote library. Please follow the steps below to resolve this issue.

  • Just in case the EndNote library is damaged, recover the library first by going EndNote program’s Tools -> Recover Library and save it as a new library name.
  • Open your paper in Word, and then click the EndNote X5 tab. Click “Convert to Unformatted Citations” under “Convert Citations and Bibliography”.
  • Press Ctrl A to select the whole document.
  • Press Ctrl 6 (not from the numeric pad) to clean up any encoding or formatting of the document.
  • Press Ctrl C to copy the selected content.
  • Press Ctrl V to paste the selected content in a new blank document.
  • In the EndNote X5 tab, click on “Update Citations and Bibliography”

After performing all these steps, your paper will be working again with your EndNote library. Should you have any questions, please contact your campus librarians for help. Note: I would like to thank Jill from Thomson Reuters Technical Support for this helpful tip.

How to import references from a traveling library in a Word document to an EndNote library?

December 12, 2011 — Yingting

Question: If someone sends me a Word document that they created using Endnote, can I import the references they used in the document without them sending me their library?

Answer: Yes, you can use EndNote’s “Export Traveling Library’ feature to import the references from the Word document under the condition that the field codes have not been removed from that document. To copy the references into your EndNote Library, you need to:

  • Have the Word document open and go to the EndNote tab (in Word 2007 +).
  • In the most right column, click on “Export to EndNote”.
  • Choose “Export Traveling Library”. Follow the directions, you will be guided to add those references into either an existing EndNote library (by selecting a library from the drop-down list or using Browse to locate the library) or a new EndNote library. 

Note: It is recommended that you send references to a new EndNote library, so you can review the records before adding them to an existing library. Also you need to be aware that the traveling library does not include Notes, Abstracts, or Figures.

How to Reinstall EndNote CWYW Tools in Word?

December 5, 2011   –Yingting           

Question: I meant to disable EndNote CWYW in a document, but instead I removed the EndNote CWYW add-in tools from my computer accidentally. How can I reinstall the add-in tools?

Answer: You have two ways to get the tools back. The easier way is run the “Repair” function by following the steps below:

  • Go to My Computer -> C drive -> Program Files.
  • Click on “Add or remove programs”.
  • Click on EndNote X5 or other versions of EndNote.
  • Click on “Change”. Then the “EndNote X5 Setup” window pops up.
  • Clicking in the radio button next to “Repair”, you’ll make your computer automatically reinstall the missing or corrupt files. Follow the directions to complete the repair process. Click “Finish” when it is completed.
  • Close all MS Office applications and restart Word. The EndNote Tab should reappear.

Another way is just to uninstall EndNote and then reinstall the whole program. The missing add-in tools will be installed along with the whole program. This method is more tedious and not recommended.

How Can I Disable EndNote in a Document in Word 2007?

December 3, 2011

Updated September 24, 2014  — Yingting (Thanks to ks)

Question: I would like to manually edit my document. But each time I edit it, the document returns to its former form. How can I disable EndNote in a document?

Answer: To disable EndNote X7 (or rather CWYW) in your document in Word 2007, please follow the steps below:

  • First of all, save a backup copy of your document.
  • In Word, click on the EndNote X7 tab.
  • In the Bibliography section which is in the middle, click on “Convert Citations and Bibliography”.
  • Then click “Convert to Plain Text”. This allows you to save a copy of your document without formatted CWYW field codes. Formatted citations and bibliography are saved as text.

Thus your document is no longer associated with EndNote. You can manually edit your document. Many publishers require the authors to remove the field codes when they submit the manuscripts.