Can We Merge Documents Written by Multiple Authors with References Inserted from EndNote?

Updated December 30, 2014; Created August 3, 2012 – Yingting Zhang

Question: A faculty member is using EndNote for Mac.  She is writing an article with three others and wants to be able to merge all the manuscripts into one final document including their inserted references.  Can she do that?


Yes, she can merge the multiple manuscripts including their inserted citations by following the steps below:

  • Start with an originally formatted manuscript.
  • In EndNote, create a brand new EndNote Library with a unique name (not the same as any of the other libraries)
  • From Word, export Traveling Library to the brand new EndNote Library (see the blog post here for how to export traveling library:
  • Update Citations and Bibliography for the manuscript that you just exported traveling library from
  • Then repeat the process for all the other manuscripts. Make sure you update citation and bibliography for each one after their travelling libraries are exported into the above new EndNote library
  • Unformat each manuscript
  • Then combine all the manuscripts into one
  • Finally update the citations in the newly combined documents.

 Thanks to Miguel from Thomson Reuters Technical Support for his help.