How to Search Medline via OvidSP from EndNote?


When I used EndNote to search Ovid Medline, I was asked to enter username and password. But my NetID did not work. What shall I do?


Searching Medline via OvidSP directly from EndNote is a little tricky. Unlike PubMed that is publicly accessible, Medline via OvidSP is restricted to subscribers. EndNote does not know who is a legitimate user. So you need to authenticate your computer first by accessing Medline and keep the window open or minimized (do not close it). Then open EndNote, choose Online Search Mode and more… When Choose a Connection box pops up, choose Medline (OvidSP) and hit the Choose button. Then a little login box appears, do not enter anything but just click OK. Now you should be able to search it directly. My advice is unless you are trying to find a specific reference, you should not use the EndNote direct search feature for a topic search. EndNote search engine is not designed to search Medline on OvidSP or other databases, rather its own libraries. Using a database’s native search engine would be much more effective in retrieving relevant references for a particular topic. If you must use the direct search feature, you may just search PubMed from EndNote.