How to Reinstall EndNote CWYW Tools in Word?

December 5, 2011   –Yingting           

Question: I meant to disable EndNote CWYW in a document, but instead I removed the EndNote CWYW add-in tools from my computer accidentally. How can I reinstall the add-in tools?

Answer: You have two ways to get the tools back. The easier way is run the “Repair” function by following the steps below:

  • Go to My Computer -> C drive -> Program Files.
  • Click on “Add or remove programs”.
  • Click on EndNote X5 or other versions of EndNote.
  • Click on “Change”. Then the “EndNote X5 Setup” window pops up.
  • Clicking in the radio button next to “Repair”, you’ll make your computer automatically reinstall the missing or corrupt files. Follow the directions to complete the repair process. Click “Finish” when it is completed.
  • Close all MS Office applications and restart Word. The EndNote Tab should reappear.

Another way is just to uninstall EndNote and then reinstall the whole program. The missing add-in tools will be installed along with the whole program. This method is more tedious and not recommended.


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