How Can I Disable EndNote in a Document in Word 2007?

December 3, 2011

Updated September 24, 2014  — Yingting (Thanks to ks)

Question: I would like to manually edit my document. But each time I edit it, the document returns to its former form. How can I disable EndNote in a document?

Answer: To disable EndNote X7 (or rather CWYW) in your document in Word 2007, please follow the steps below:

  • First of all, save a backup copy of your document.
  • In Word, click on the EndNote X7 tab.
  • In the Bibliography section which is in the middle, click on “Convert Citations and Bibliography”.
  • Then click “Convert to Plain Text”. This allows you to save a copy of your document without formatted CWYW field codes. Formatted citations and bibliography are saved as text.

Thus your document is no longer associated with EndNote. You can manually edit your document. Many publishers require the authors to remove the field codes when they submit the manuscripts.


7 Responses

  1. It appears u really understand quite a lot regarding this subject and
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    I Disable EndNote in a Document in Word 2007?
    ”. Thanks ,Jan

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  3. This did not work. It is just for keyboard shortcuts. You need to follow these instructions:

    • Thank you for bringing this to my attention. It was true before that you needed to remove the field codes in order to disable EndNote, so that editors could make changes. The “Convert to Plain Text” was later made available. In fact, I do teach our users to use this function to disconnect their paper from EndNote when they are ready to submit the paper to a publisher. I will update the information. Thanks a lot. –Yingting

  4. Hi there!

    I have deactivated my endnote, as you suggested here. And now I need to get rid of it, because I need automatic changes in refernces list. Unfortunately, this time, I can not convert it back. Would you be so kind to help me on this issue?

    Thanks in advance!

  5. Do you mean you want to un-deactivate CWYW now? Once you convert your manuscript to plain text, it is not possible to unconvert it. That’s why it is very important to save a backup copy before you convert it to plain text. If you did, then you may use that backup copy to continue citing while you write (CWYW). Hope this helps. You may contact EndNote Technical Support at 1-800-336-4474 directly if you need further help.

  6. I have a unique situation. I have Microsoft 2013 installed on my laptop. I currently teach Intro to Office Suite but want to grade my student’s homework on my laptop at home, where I have Endnote installed for working on my dissertation. I have looked on youtube and on the web and have not found a TEMPORARY solution for turning off Endnote and triggering Microsoft’s citation feature so I can grade my papers (and then switching it back to work on my dissertation). Surely there is somewhere in Options where I can simply click a check box or something to toggle back and forth. Help???

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