How to Import References from New OvidSP Medline into EndNote X4?

July 26, 2010 – Yingting    

The new OvidSP interface will be launched on August 2nd. The old way of importing references from OvidSP will not be valid. Please follow the instructions below to import references from the new OvidSP interface into EndNote:

  • Complete a search in Medline in the new OvidSP interface.
  • Review your search results and select the desired references by clicking in the box next to the references.
  • Above the search results, click on Export as shown below:  
  • When the “Export Citation List” window pops up, choose EndNote in the pull-down menu.  
  • Then click on “Export Citation(s)”. The selected references will be placed into your EndNote library. If “Choose An Import Filter” pop-up window appears, choose “MEDLINE-In Process (OvidSP)” filter. Then click the Choose button. All your selected references should be automatically imported into your EndNote library.   

Note: Make sure your desired EndNote library is open prior to clicking on the Choose button. If you did not have your library open beforehand, your EndNote program will be automatically launched and the references will be imported by default into the library you had worked with in the previous session.

Should you have any questions, please contact your campus librarians for help (see Contact Us folder on the top of the screen).


One Response

  1. Hi – I’m having horrible problems downloading ref from ovid into endnote X2.

    Basically, for a search which returned 350 ref, only 71 are downloaded when I chose the above options and all the details are in ‘notes’. When I try to download the ref as a .txt file and import – nothing is imported. I’ve phoned and emailed ovid about this but have yet to receive a reply.

    Has anybody else had similar problems and how have they solved them?


    M Gysels.

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