Installing EndNote X3 Import Filters

To speed up response times the latest version of EndNote does not include many of the filters needed to import references into EndNote X3 from several UMDNJ databases.  The UMDNJ Libraries have addressed this issue by putting together a package containing the missing filters for the relevant UMDNJ databases.  These filters need to be placed in EndNote X3 Filter’s folder before references can be imported from the affected databases.  Note that EndNote X1 and X2 are not affected. 

To download the package, go to the University Libraries’ EndNote Updates web page ( and click on the link labeled “Download the UMDNJ filter package” and save the package to your computer.   

 The filter package is downloaded to your computer as a “zip” file and needs to be extracted or “unzipped” after it is downloaded.  In Windows XP you extract the filters by right clicking on the “UMDfilters” folder that was downloaded to your compuer and selecting Extract All.  Follow the instructions to create a new “unzipped” “UMDfilters” folder that contains all of the Import filters. 

 Open the newly “unzipped” UMDfilters folder and highlight all the filters and move them to the “C:\Program Files\EndNote X3\Filters” folder.  In Windows XP you can do this by going to the Windows toolbar in the UMDfilters folder and using the Edit menu and Select All.  Once the filters are highlighted, go to the Edit menu again and select Move to Folder.  Navigate down to the “ProgramFiles/EndNote X3/Filters” folder and select Move.  The filters will be moved to this folder.  Once the filter has been saved to this location you will be able to import references from the relevant databases into EndNote X3.


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